ASPPA Benefits Council of Chicago

ASPPA Benefits Council Chicago

Dedicated to the private pension system


ASPPA—the American Society of Pension Professionals & Actuaries—is the premier national organization for career retirement plan professionals.


  Members are part of the diversified, technical, and highly regulated benefits industry. ASPPA represents the most committed individuals of the profession—those who have made a career of retirement plan and pension policy work.

Local ASPPA Benefit Councils (ABCs) provide a means for retirement plan professionals to benefit year-round from the ASPPA’s activities. ABCs offer education and networking opportunities at the local level. ASPPA members are provided with activities and a convenient way to earn continuing education credits. ABCs have access to ASPPA's speakers bureau, government affairs activities, and education programs, keeping members current with industry developments.

The ASPPA Benefits Council of Chicago ("Chicago ABC") was formed in 1997 with the objectives of: assisting its members in keeping abreast of laws and conditions affecting employee benefit plans; improving the knowledge of each member; encouraging its members to have as their ultimate goal the rendering of the best professional services to the public; and becoming the premier retirement benefit organization in Chicago.

Since its inception, the Chicago ABC has provided its members with numerous opportunities to attend outstanding educational programs covering a broad array of topics, presented by exceptional speakers. These programs have allowed local employee benefits professionals to keep up with new developments, receive in-depth training on specific areas of interest, and earn continuing professional education credits inexpensively and without the need for extended travel.

The Chicago ABC continues to be among the largest and most successful of all ASPPA ABCs. We intend to continue this tradition of excellence, and welcome the participation and involvement of all local retirement plan professionals.